Collaborative Client Server Solution

Collaborative consumer server option (CCS) is a web-affiliated application meant for multiple clientele to connect for the same net server. It is based on the master-slave paradigm, where master customer manages the pipeline of variables, even though the slave consumer follows guidance. Moreover, it may work with nearly all platform, which include Qt and ParaView. The program automatically syncs the state among all engaging clientele.

Through this model, completely different consumers get connected to the same web server, and work on the same document. Due to this, it is possible for numerous users to view and change a single doc, rather than demanding each buyer to log in and away every time they need to produce changes. Moreover, the solution uses the master-slave paradigm, meaning that users can easily connect to distinct servers in various locations nevertheless share 1 data data file. This allows users to collaborate securely about the same document with no risk of data loss.

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